Each day of the week, The Restaurant serves our guests unique flavors from different countries and different cuisines. The Restaurant offers Mediterranean, Turkish, Far East, Italian and other international flavors while serving fresh fish and seafood dishes and fine meat selections on certain nights. You can enjoy your dinner either indoors or outdoors.

The Restaurant offers delicious flavors up to a capacity of 1,050 people. There are open buffets on the lower and upper sections, a diet buffet, a hot and fresh selection of bread, pita, and baked goods, as well as a grill show performed in the evenings.
Inside The Restaurant, there is a MINI MYRA Kids Gourmet section for our younger guests. The section features healthy options, featuring items where molasses has replaced sugar and olive oil is the preferred cooking oil. There are fruit and vegetable purees for babies, a microwave oven, and a feeding bottle heater and blender on hand for guest use for parents to enjoy a peace of mind and children will feel special and important in this venue...