Situated between the ancient cities of Olympos and Phaselis, its immaculate view of the crystal clear water and beautiful "Blue Flag '' beach while nestled among the sublime nature of Kemer, Martı Myra is a multi-awarded, environment friendly hotel. Aside from the beautiful 285-meter-long beach, guests can enjoy the available Beach Volleyball courts, an assortment of water sports, shaded playing areas for the children on the beach, private pavilions on request, and can even explore the surrounding forest.


Enjoy the fresh-water world in our seven outdoor swimming pools with a total size of 1,865 square meters. In the same area, there is a 65-square meter children's pool that has appropriate safety measures in place. Outdoor pools are sterilized specifically for your comfort, and you won't want to leave the area with all the activities held here throughout the day! You are sure to have an exciting time on the water slides in one section of the indoor pool. You can enjoy your holiday with the sunbathing platforms on the grass, beach volleyball, our Mini Club for children, and a pier overlooking the sea. There are two lifeguards positioned all day at both the pool and beach areas to ensure your safety.