The culinary delights to savor, flavored with the scent and taste of the mountain thyme…

An array of culinary delights to savor, flavored with the scent and taste of the mountain thyme… Zeste offers a menu of dishes representing traditional and local Turkish cuisine. From our farm to your table, dishes are fresh and delicious with a local twist.

Most of what is served at Zeste are sourced and produced right here. The vineyard and farm with olive oil and olives, vegetables, fruits, goats, ducks, chickens, and the prosperous earth that gives life to all, are only a few minutes away.

Breakfast, which is almost as famous as Ephesus itself, consists of delicious Aegean pine honey, homemade cream, butter & cheese, eggs from free range chickens, olives from the trees, dried & fresh seasonal fruit, yogurt, and tasty seasonal surprises. Also, a wide variety of homemade jams; fig, strawberry, quince, cherry, apple, apricot, peach, plum, rose, orange, blackberry and kiwi, just to name a few. The best news is, you may have breakfast at the hotel anytime throughout the day and anywhere you please!

The menu is seasonal and adapts according to what is growing in our farm. The menu includes: lamb, free-range chicken, along with tandoori-based dishes, vegetables prepared with olive oil (a big part of the Turkish kitchen and our region), traditional pasta dishes, as well as regionally grown greens and garden grown herbs.

The wine selection is the best that Turkey has to offer with an emphasis on wines from grapes that are grown in the Aegean and the Marmara regions.

In Zeste, overlooking the olive hills, dining service may be given up to thirty guests. On the upper deck terrace and gardens, service may be provided for up to sixty guests.

The outdoor settings are perfectly suitable if you decide to throw your next party or organize your wedding reception at Güllü Konaklari. A tailor-made themed event along with a special menu may be created for your specific wishes, and technical and logistic equipment along with a bigger service team can be organized with pleasure.

Come, experience the delights, tastes, scents, warmth and charm yourself of Güllü Konaklari, the "Ephesus on the Hills"…