About Us | Güllü Konakları - Şirince, İzmir

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication!"

Combining the breathtaking beauty of unspoiled nature with a charming country design, Güllü Konaklari brings you the quality of service along with the fabulous panorama of the enchanting village of Şirince, offered by its magnificent position up on the olive hills.

This well hidden, elegant property, only minutes away from Ephesus, is the most amazing place to wake up to the majestic and quaint atmosphere of the Şirince village and a perfect introduction to absolute tranquility.

About the yesterday and today of the Güllü Konak (Rose Mansion):

Once a Greek village, Şirince displays unique architecture in all of its enchanting dwellings and Güllü Konakları is one of them. The first owner of the mansion, who was granted the land after World War I, built and meticulously designed every aspect from its ceiling, to its doors and window frames with the best materials and the utmost pride. Later on, it has been refurbished with attention to all detail, protecting its historical texture, which you may see in the detailed craftsmanship that adorns the mansion in all of its nooks and crannies.
In the lovely garden, an array of roses were planted where the 'Mansion' gets its name from. In 2001, the building was registered as an historical property and is now being protected with strict guidelines by the government.

Today, Güllü Konakları, hiding more than one hundred years of history within its walls, serves you with 12 tastefully decorated rooms, where the guests may experience this beautiful village’s serenity while being pampered with today's comfort.

The 'Mansion' is located in the center of the village where you can pull your car up to the original historical entrance of the property. Since the village is built on the slopes of a hill, you will experience this within the property as well which gives you many hidden corners, magnificent views on different levels, and privacy even when the hotel is completely full. There are two main buildings with guest rooms and another stone one in between which houses Zeste restaurant. The olive garden adjacent to the restaurant, the rose garden on the upper deck, and the rooms with patios and balconies, all offer you different, but equally gorgeous views of the village, gardens, and the hills.

The standard of service at Güllü Konakları is guided by traditional Turkish Hospitality, along with elegant simplicity and attention to detail. Natural tastes and scents will delight your senses throughout your stay.  Starting with your entrance, you will be welcomed by a refreshing and delicious homemade elderberry cocktail, followed by an encounter with lavender scented linens on your comfortable guest bed which will make you feel as if you are sleeping on a cloud…

The healing qualities of natural, olive oil based toiletries in your bathroom will relax and refresh you, while the scrumptious local cuisine made with the freshest ingredients will surely delight your taste buds.

The spectacular night skies filled with a million stars will cast their bright lights down on you, while the sun will scatter its rays across the soft earth like lace…