In the lovely garden, an array of roses were planted where the 'Mansion' gets its name from. In 2001, the building was registered as an historical property and is now being protected with strict guidelines by the government.
Today, Güllü Konakları, hiding more than one hundred years of history within its walls, serves you with 12 tastefully decorated rooms, where the guests may experience this beautiful village’s serenity while being pampered with today's comfort.


“All the details, that are meant to pamper you, are thought of with your utmost comfort in mind." You will experience elegance and comfort in the individually decorated guest rooms, each with a different color and theme.


The culinary delights to savor, flavored with the scent and taste of the mountain thyme… Güllü Konak offers a menu of dishes representing traditional and local Turkish cuisine. From the nature to your table; fresh and delicious with a local twist, is what it strives to achieve.