Its first owner, after the First World War, had this mansion built with the materials of his previous home, which was given to him as a right in the exchange, by embroidering handicrafts from its door to its ceiling and windows. It was taken under protection in 2001.
This mansion, which has more than 100 years of history in its stones, offers 12 elegant and comfortable rooms where you can experience all the serenity, tastes, and pleasures of Şirince.


“All the details that are meant to pamper you, are thought of with your utmost comfort in mind." You will experience elegance and comfort in the individually decorated guest rooms, each with a different color and theme.


The cottage will be the perfect setting for you to watch the most magnificent sunsets of the Aegean region from a bird’s eye view, to taste special vineyard table delicacies, to pick mushrooms from the pine forest, to fall asleep with the sounds of owls and wake up with nightingales.


An array of culinary delights to savor, flavored with the scent and taste of the mountain thyme… Zeste Restaurant offers a menu of dishes representing traditional and local Turkish cuisine. From our farm to your table, dishes are fresh and delicious with a local twist.