Sailing Courses

You can take sailing courses at the sailing school in Martı Marina, and join the wind's dance on the sea.

Please contact us for the sailing package prices and terms.

Boat Tours

Discover Marmaris' most beautiful bays with captained boats owned by the Martı Group.

For boat tour package prices

Nature Walks

The nature and you You can either witness the miracle of the nature with a guide, or beat your own path.

Bike Tours

The course begins in front of Hisarönü and continues through the forest and pathways. Please contact us for more information.

Cultural Tours

Discover the area's rich history and culture. Go on tours to KNIDOS and KAUNOS and follow the tracks of history.

Please contact us for more detailed information and reservations.

Catamaran - Windsurfing - Sea Kayaking

Please contact us for these activities.


Our hotel and marina guests can join in with our yoga program.

Banquet & Events

Please contact us for wedding and recreational event reservations in the gardens of our uniquely located hotel.